Wellness at Work Kinsale
December 14, 2015

Fitzgerald & Partners held a health screening day for their employees recently in their Kinsale office. This allowed the employees to get an Essential Health screen which includes:

  • Cardiac Risk Score Calculation
  • Measurements to include Height, Weight, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  • Blood tests include Fasting Full Lipid Profile including Cholesterol and Fasting Glucose (Diabetes Screen
  • It screens for the following conditions : Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, 
  • Full Blood Count which can screen for Anaemia 
  • Iron Studies which are useful as a baseline screen for Haemochromatosis Disease 
  • Full liver profile blood test which assesses liver function
  • Urea and Creatinine blood test which assesses kidney function 
  • T4 and TSH for Thyroid Function     

Wellness at Work days promote a positive attitude towards employee health

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