Father and daughter enjoying outdoors on a sunny autumn day.

Many common diseases are preventable through lifestyle changes or early treatment.  Some markers for common diseases can be identified before complex disease processes begin and before you reach a crisis point.  This allows early treatment so that you can avoid unpleasant health issues going forward. Getting a regular NCT for your body puts you back in the driving seat.

Health screening is ideal if you:

  • are looking for peace of mind
  • have a particular concern 
  • have a family history of disease 
  • have had previous personal health problems)
  • haven’t been feeling the best lately

Or if you want to:

  • take control of your health
  • avoid a health crisis
  • manage your own disease risk factors

Our health screening will help you to Identify potential issues early to improve the chances of successful treatment, move towards a healthier lifestyle and reduce your risk of disease as you get older.

Union Quay Medical Centre offers a comprehensive health screen which includes the following: