Union Quay Occupational Health Services

1.       Occupational Health Physician Medical Assessments
2.       Health Surveillance  Programs
3.       Health Screening Programs
4.       Occupational Vaccination Programs
5.       Pre-Travel Consultations and Travel Vaccination Clinics
6.       Medico-legal Reports
7.       Ergonomic Workstation Assessments
8.       Provision of an Occupational Health Physician onsite
9.       Provision of an occupational Health nurse onsite
10.     Out of hours service to include Saturday mornings
11.     General Practice on a membership basis to employees

Occupational Health Physician Medical Assessments which include: 

1.       Pre-employment Medical Assessment
2.       Fitness for Work Medical Assessment
3.       Sickness Absence Medical Assessment
4.       Stress Related Medical Assessment
5.       Ill Health Retirement Assessment
6.       Medical Assessment following Injury at Work
7.       Fitness for Confined Space Entry Medical Assessment
8.       Fitness for Emergency Response Team Member Medical Assessment
9.       Fork Truck Driver Medical Assessment
10.     Class 2 Vehicle Driver Medical Assessment
11.     Exit Medical Assessment

Health Surveillance includes the following: 

1.       Hearing Conservation Program which involves the following:

a.       Hearing Questionnaire
b.      Audiometry (Hearing Test)
c.       Ear Examination
d.      Report

2.       Respiratory Health Surveillance which involves the following:

a.       Respiratory Questionnaire
b.      Spirometry (Lung function test)
c.       Respiratory Examination
d.      Report

3.       Skin Health Surveillance which involves the following:

a.       Skin Questionnaire
b.      If necessary a referral to our occupational health physician
c.       Report

4.       Hand Arm Vibration Health Surveillance which involves the following:

a.       Hand Arm Vibration Questionnaire
b.      If necessary referral to our occupational health physician
c.       If necessary, further testing to include Purdue Peg Board
d.      Report

5.       Visual Acuity testing with a Keystone – CVS-V Standard vision screener .The CVS-V screens for 18 different vision functions in less than five minutes.

Health Screening Program We have partnered with Full Health Medical to provide a best in class corporate health screening program for your employees. While we have devised 3 health screening options, we can discuss your requirements and tailor a health screening program to your specific needs. Our 3 standard health screening options are as follows:

1.       Cardiac Risk Score Health Screening which includes the following:
2.       Essential Health Screening which includes the following:
3.       Build Your Own Health Screening which includes the following:

Occupational Vaccination Programs Based on risk assessment we provide a complete range of vaccinations including the following:

1.       Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio vaccine
2.       Pertussis vaccine (Whooping Cough)
3.       Hepatitis A vaccine
4.       Hepatitis B vaccine
5.       Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine
6.       Varicella Zoster (Chicken Pox) vaccine

Pre-travel Consultations and Travel Vaccinations We are a Tropical Medical Bureau franchisee since 2007. We provide a comprehensive pre travel consultation (to include information on malaria prevention) and a comprehensive list of travel related vaccinations to include:

1.       Yellow Fever Vaccination
2.       Rabies Vaccinations

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments These involves the following:

1.       Work site visit
2.       Employee Workstation Assessment
3.       Employee feedback on issues that may arise during the assessment
4.       Employer report