In-depth advice is available about the wide array of contraceptive options available to women and men. Our doctors will discuss these options in detail with you to help decide which is most suitable for you.


  1. Contraceptive pills, rings and patches.
  2. Injections.
  3. Barrier methods (condoms – male and female, diaphragms).
  1. Implants (Implanon).
  2. Intra-uterine devices (Mirena, copper coils).Implant and Intra-uterine device insertion require extra time and should be discussed in consultation in advance with the doctor.

If you require permanent contraception (i.e. male or female sterilisation). Our doctors will discuss these options with you – advising you on the irreversible nature of these procedures and your suitability for them. Our doctors work closely with local specialists and will refer you to a specialist clinic if you decide to proceed with one of these options.

If you require the morning after pill it is important to contact the doctor and attend as quickly as possible after intercourse.
* Please note that in some situations the morning after pill is available from your pharmacist without a doctor’s prescription.



Unplanned pregnancy can be a stressful time in your life. Our doctors understand this and will care for you sensitively during this time while advising you regarding crisis pregnancy options.