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Union Quay Medical Centre
List of Services Provided and Prices

Pre-employment Medicals (PEMS)
Nurse base:
  • Questionnaire
  • Height/Weight/Blood Pressure/Urinalysis
  • Keystone vision test
The following will be additional cost to the Nurse base medical –
(Please outline which you require in additional information in the form below):
  • Clinical examination with a Physician
  • Spirometry- Lung Function Test (as part of a PEM)
  • Audio – Hearing Test ( as part of a PEM)
  • Bloods
  • ECG( as part of a PEM)
  • DOA – Drug & Alcohol Test (as part of PEM)

Other Services carried out at Union Quay Medical Centre:

• Medical Assessments€200
• 2nd review€150
• Complicated Assessments i.e Stress
Please note:with complex assesment if the time gose over an hour that an hourly consultant rate is then applied.
• Hearing Conservation Program€80
• Medical Assessments€180
• Respiratory Surveillance Program€80
Vaccines Programs (price varies on course)



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