Individual Consultation€60
Couple Consultation€100
1 parent & 1 Child€80
2 parents and 1 child€100
1 parent & 2 children€90
Family (2+2)€110
Student Consultation€50 (+ valid student card)
Pill Consultation (nurse only)€30
Follow up (within week)€35
Ear Syringe€55
Driving License€60
Smear Check (cervical check)Free
Private Smear€160
Childhood ImmunizationFree with under 6 Scheme
STI SCREEN75 Euro (Instant Test 250 Euro)
Fee for Courier for Bloods &Samples (GMS Patients)€10
Implanon Removal€100
Removal & Insertion of Implanon€120
Implanon Insertion€100
Mirena pre-consult, removal & re-insertion and follow up.€150 (does not include counselling & swabs prior to filling)
Mirena Removal€90
Repeat Prescription€25
Joint Injection€80
Cryotherapy€100  – discuss with doctor
Nurse Consult€30
Blood TestsIncluded in consult fee-
€80. With Nurse only €35
Medical CertificateIncluded in consult fee-€55
Med cert Extension – €20
Med cert No Consult- €30
Zika Bloods€120
TB Quantiferon Bloods€140
Blood Pressure Monitor€60


Drug Screen Including Letter€65 
Letters Fee€25
Fee for courier for bloods & samples (GMS Patients)€15
Meningitis B (Bexero)140 *2
Flu Vaccine€30
€25 (Administration Fee)
Medical Legal Report€450

Mother & Infant Scheme

Confirmed pregnancy and mother & Infant Form Signed with PPS- FREE

Not Confirmed – Doctors Consult €45 Including Nurse Consult €55

*Pregnancy Bloods €10

*Anything not pregnancy related €45