You do not have to leave your current GP practice, however membership with Union Quay Medical Centre only covers you for visits to Union Quay Medical Centre.

If you need medical records transferred from your old GP, we can request these on your behalf.

There is on-street parking right outside the clinic which you need will need a parking disc for, it is €1 an hour.

There are also 2 public car parks that are very close by, the Elysian car park and the City Hall car park.

We endeavour to keep waiting times to a minimum, however if the clinic is very busy on a particular day there be a short wait time.

We always offer same day appointments to our patients from Monday to Saturday.

We try to keep each appointment to 15 minutes however if you think you may need a longer time with the doctor this is not a problem.

Just mention it when you phone to make your appointment and we can book you in for a longer duration.

Union Quay Medical Centre is located directly across the river from College of Commerce and next to the Cork School of Music.

If you have any problems finding the clinic, ring us on 021 4310311 and we will give you detailed directions.

If you would like to become a member with Union Quay Medical Centre, you can phone us to request an application form & direct debit form.

Alternatively you can fill out the “Get in Touch” form in the “Contact” tab of this website and we will contact you. You can come in for a consultation immediately.

There are 2 options of payment with Union Quay Medical Centre. You can either pay per visit which is charged at a rate of €45 for the consultation or alternatively you can become a member of the Union Quay medical centre.

Membership entitles you to as many GP visits as you need and includes blood test, repeat prescriptions, referral letters and the annual flu vaccine. Membership is charged at €17 per adult individual, this it taken by direct debit each month. Each child is charged at €8 per month. If you want to ask any other questions about membership phone us on 021 4310311.

To make an appointment you can call our reception desk on 021 4310311. We offer same day appointments from Monday to Saturday.


If you would like to receive your Covid Booster Vaccine, please email us at with your name and date of birth.